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software or hardware Keyboard and Mouse problem: Acer Aspire 5601AWLMi

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Acer Aspire 5601AWLMi

Hi there,

Just wanted to check with you guys a problem thats been driving me crazy. Got a Acer Aspire 5601AWLMi to fix and the guy thought it was crashing on the login screen. Turns out its the keyboard and mouse not working. Its a tempermental problem so most of the time this is how it behaves:
- can access BIOS with F2
- when get to windows login screen mouse and keyboard don't work (but USB mouse does)
- ran ubuntu live CD and mouse and keyboard worked
- take the battery out the laptop and the mouse and keyboard work in windows

been doing some research. Some posts say its a failing battery that causes it, others say its a faulty southbridge. Tried reinstalling and uninstalling drivers but device manager kept crashing (not sure if its unrelated). I think I have a few possible courses of action
- tell them to use it without the battery and see if they get problems
- reinstall windows (something I think I will have to do)
- get hold of a spare battery from a similar laptop

Just wondering what everyone on these forums thought and if its a windows fault (would explain why it only happens on windows) or a hardware fault (would explain why it only happens with the battery out).

I'm quite stuck here so hope you can all help,
Dan Gent
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ok.. i've had the same issue... everything running slower and slower then the keyboard barely working. then not at all... battery has not been able to hold much of a charge for some time now. run just on wall. did the same and tried a repair/reinstall of XP. would load to user then after that would freeze. tried your solution of pulling the battery and it breezes through now. why a worn out battery would compromise the keyboard i don't know.
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