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So Many Problems!

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Ok, so its mostly a problem with my computer rebooting all the time, mostly in the middle of games. Here is what I've got:

Athlon XP2600+
Radeon 9700 pro
768mb DDR pc2700
A7n8X Deluxe mobo
ATX 288k tower
No floppy

The reason I add the 'no floppy' is cuz every now and again when my computer reboots itself it has a system freeze beccause of a floppy drive error, I then need to go into the setup and find that it thinks I have a floppy drive and I have to reset it to no drive. All sorts of problems occur when it reboots itself. The memory speed changes from 166mhz to 100mhz sometimes, occasionally it tells me I have an Athlon XP1250mhz proc, once it told me I had an Xp2000+, the clock becomes three hours slow, and ALWAYS my computer tells me that my Athlon XP2600+ is running at a clock speed of 2.09ghz when, unless im mistaken, the 2600s have a 2.13ghz clock speed. Here is what the monitors are telling me about how hot my cpu is, voltage, etc. (honestly, I have no idea what it should be at, but I think I'm pretty hot):

MB Temp - 37C/98F
CPU Temp - 59C/134F
VCORE Voltage - 1.69v
+3V Voltage - 3.32v
+5 - 4.91
+12 - 13.05
CPU Fan Speed - 4963rpm
Chassis Fan Speed - 0
Power Fan Speed - 0

Q-Fan Control - Disabled

and of further note, the CPU External Frequency is set at 166mhz, I do not know if that is where it should be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been told that I need more cooling, but some of the problems I'm experiencing seem more serious than just that, but I dont know. Please give me a hand with this if you knwo what you are talking about. Thanks fellas.
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Athlon's run hot, but that's a little to warm.

rid your fan's of dust, and add some more. Your problems will probally disappear.
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