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So Frustrated....please HELP~!

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Hi there,

I am not very good with computers but I will do my best to explain my problem. We keep having the net crash on us. Some "dll" error...I am still not sure why but going to Run and typing "regsvr32.exe "c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll" seems to do the trick (found that solution on here). If anyone knows why it keeps doing this and how to stop it I would appreciate it.
However my new problem is with sound. I get the message saying how the volume control won't go into my taskbar.....and pressing the volume up and down did nothing. SO i found the solution to look for "sndvol32" which I did in the dll cache folder...clicked on it..unmuted it......So now i can see my volume bars when i press up and down..but still no actual volume. Can someone please help me!!!
P.S I run a virus scan weekly and i keep getting "MalcorruptA" something like that and it is unable to be quarantined...should I assume this is the main reason for all my problems?
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Hi Ang44,

Please confirm that you are running Windows XP.

Sophos have classified this as:


* Viruses and Spyware


* Malicious Behavior

Affected operating systems

* Windows

Mal/Corrupt-A is a corrupt malware sample.
Hi there,

Yes I am indeed running Windows XP. I have even now tried to redownload the sound driver from the compaq website...still no volume
If Sophos Anti-Virus cannot delete files because they are held open by the operating system, make a note of the names of the files, then do as follows.

1.Download an emergency copy of SAV32CLI. On an uninfected Windows computer, run this file to extract the contents into a SAV32CLI folder on a medium that can be write-protected. Copy the SAV32CLI folder produced onto a medium that can be write-protected. Add any relevant IDEs to this folder and write-protect the disk (on a CD/R or CD/RW close the session).

what would i do if I don't have another computer to that i can get to? PLus if my Norton can't quarantine you think Sophos would be able to? If i download the free trial will it override my Norton antivirus program?
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