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SMART failure predicted on primary slave

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I had to shut down my computer with the power button without going through "Start > Shut Down" and now it restarts asking me to "Press F1 to continue the restart" because "WARNING: Immediately back up your data and replace your hard disk drive. A failure may be imminent. SMART failure predicted on primary slave."

I have not had any problems prior to this with any devices on the computer, except for a faulty ALi PCI USB/Firewire combo card. I have kept this PCI card on the computer because the USB ports work even though the Firewire ports don't.

I have a 40GB Maxtor 34098H4 on the primary master and a 120GB Maxtor 6Y120L0 on the primary slave.

The system event viewer shows multiple "IO_WARNING_PAGING_FAILURE" errors and warnings on "device %1", "The driver disabled the write cache on device \Device\Harddisk1\DR1" (primary slave) and "The driver disabled the write cache on device \Device\Harddisk0\DR0" (primary master).

So far, I have disabled the paging file on the primary slave and set the paging file to system managed on the primary master and uninstalled the PIO mode back to DMA mode 2 on device 0 and device 1 (verified). I plan to check the RAM with memtest86 in a little while. I already had write caching disabled on all drives several months ago.

Just prior to the "hard power down", I was running Google Desktop search and had just installed the latest Windows security updates. My system was cleaned of spyware with Ad-aware and Spybot a few days ago.

I'm wondering if this is a legitimate "predicted failure" on the primary slave or an error as a result of the "hard power-down" perhaps while the system was writing to the paging file.

I really need to back-up all of the 120GB of data on that hard drive (primary slave), but as soon as I start to access a shared folder (main folder) on that drive, the computer reboots! It seems that I can still access all the non-shared folders on that drive, however. How can I rescue all my data off the primary slave before the hard drive fails?

System Specs:
Asus A7V Motherboard
800MHz AMD Duron Processor
WinXP Pro

Follow-up: After un-sharing the folder via MMC, I am now able to access data on that folder without the computer crashing. But, I'm not convinced that my problem is solved. I still want to back-up my data onto a new external hard drive before the old hard drive fails.
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General, SMART failures/errors are real.

Download Maxtor's dignostic tools and run them to verify.

AFA accessing the data to back up ... Safe Mode maybe?
Could using the hardware diagnostics, PowerMax by Maxtor, on the failing drive cause more damage to the drive or the data on it?
I assume that I want to backup my data using the least amount of seeking motion by the drive heads on the platter. Is "ghosting" the least intense (damaging) method of copying my "failing" hard drive or are there other utilities I should look into?

Note: I do NOT need the back-up disk to be bootable; I just need the data.
Could SpinRite6.0 be used for any of this data repair or recovery?
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