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SM Bus Controller Driver

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Hello Everyone,

I have just recently upgraded my Dell Desktop from Windows XP Home Edition SP3 to Windows Vista Home Basic SP1. (Since MS is cutting out support I decided to upgrade it now, since I got it really cheap and I know Windows 7 is coming but I think I will wait on that one, because I have actually gotten to really like Vista) Anyways, in my Device Manager is shows a problem with the SM Bus Controller and when I click on it to reinstall the driver; Windows can not find the software needed to do this. My questions is how do I find out what driver I need when Windows does not even know what it is? (I need a free way to do this, I know that there are programs that do this for you and update all your drivers, but I am saving money)

Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop
Intel Celeron 420 @ 1.60GHz
2 GB of Ram installed
Basic Intel Video Card
32 bit operating system
Windows Vista Home Basic SP1

Thanks so much,
Ethan Bowen
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