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If I knew what was going wrong; I'd fix it. As I don't I've posted the issue here in the XP section, as everything I have done so far indicates some kind of software problem.

A week ago (thereabouts) Windows XP start-up was much slower than usual. The start-up screen takes twice as long, the login screen is unresponsive for some time, and once logged-in it takes much longer than it should.

There are a host of other issues. The audio is regularly distorted / skipping - it's especially noticable at login where that interminable jingle is really garbled. iTunes is much less responsive than usual.

It seems to be in general though, that processes run slower and stutter. It's just particularly noticeable with audio.

In addition, security centre now does not detect AVG nor Sunbelt firewall.

When the first slow login occured, I was groaning - I had the /exact/ same issues, exact same symptoms (down to security centre then not detecting zonealarm) around January. I tried a host of things, but in the end I reinstalled windows.

I really don't want to reinstall windows (unless someone can convince me I can easily repair it from an SP1 cd), but have tried similar things as before, and have got no where.

So far, I have:
- Scanned for viruses and spyware (AdAware and SpyBot and AVG)
- Uninstalled anything I installed the days leading up to the slow-down.
- Uninstalled and reinstalled audio drivers.
- Selective startup via msconfig
- Tried a system restore to prior-slowdown
- chkdsk for errors
- Ran memcheck from boot
- Ran surface-scan hard disk diagnositic (Western Digital's own) (That took 12 bloody hours for nothing)
- Check hard drive read/write speeds are as should be
- Checked CPU temp

I would assume spyware/malware/virus - possibly driver issues, maybe corrupt registry - as it doesn;t seem to be hardware.
But none of these, if they are the issue, have been obvious. I would really appreciate some extra things I could try to narrow down the issue.

Any/all suggestions welcome.
Specs below.


ASUS P4S800 - MX SE motherboard
Intel P4 3GHz
Realtek AC'97 onboard audio
1GB corsair ram
NVidia GeForce 7600 GT (AGP)

120GB Western Digital 1200BB
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