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Slow POST, Boot loop, and Unresponsive Vid card

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Hello all. Yesterday I was working on the pc of a co-worker at home. His mainboard wouldn't recognize any piece of hardware attached to IDE as well as his harddrive and cd-rom drive are unresponsive on all other mainboards. I figured this out by test swapping his parts with the parts in my own computer. His are officialy dead and my problem is that after I reconnected everything in my own computer it seems that my harddrive has carried over part of the problem I got from his mainboard. BIOS detects the harddrive, however it refused to boot windows.

Here is a breakdown of the 3 problems I'm experiencing:

1. BIOS is slow to post IDE information. It takes about a minute to a minute and a half where it would only take a second or two when working properly.

2. When I reformatted the harddrive and attempted to reinstall windows 2000 it seemed to work fine, except after the initial install after it restarts, instead of going further into the installation it returns to initial boot screen as if I'd never began installation. It indicates that the drive is formatted and a windows folder has been created though.

3. Since the whole harddrive problem began my video card has been unresponsive and I've had to use the built in one on the mainboard.

Any suggestions or information is appreciated. If hardware information is needed I can post it. I'm at work so it'll have to wait until tomorrow unless my boss will allow to take this laptop home. Thank you all in advance.
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Try resetting the CMOS and then try and boot up the computer again.
boot into the recovery console and try
I cleared CMOS and it didn't seem to help much with the speed, however I only went through it once so it could've just been slow due to the mainboard realizing it had to back to factory defaults. I ran the fixboot and I left the hard drive formating last night before getting kind of sick and too tired after a long day and crashing in bed. I will update my progress tomorrow morning or tonight if everything works properly. Thank you for you suggestions.
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