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slow pc after pc recovery

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Hi all, :wave:

I had to run pc recovery (think thats what it is called, the thing that takes your pc back to factory state).

Since i have done this my pc is very, very slow.

Trying to open documents and look through all my files takes ages.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this as it's doing my head in.

Be gentle though, i'm a novice.

Thanks in advance.

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Was that "System Restore" ?

If it was, it's possible that you have restored back to files that are infected with a virus/malware.

Try running your AV software and Spybot and Adaware, and see if that helps.

On the Hi-Jack-This board you will find links to some online scan programs, I would suggest running at least a couple of those.
Hi Petercj

No, it wasn't system restore, i have the recovery partition on my hard drive that basicly takes your pc back to the way you bought it.

I lost everything when i done it and unfortunitly my pc had norton installed when i bought it, so i have that back again.


Has any hardware been added to the machine over and above the original spec?

Was it slow from the very beginning of the reinstall?

Have you done the Windows Up-dates?

Personally, I would remove Norton and replace with AVG and XP defender, plus Spybot and Ad-aware - but then that's unlikely to be the immediate problem, although there's a chance it might be if you have done the windows up-dates, if you're not bothered about Norton, I would take it off.

Did you get a driver disc with this PC? I avoid these factory installed versions of windows myself, but as far as I know, the drivers necessary for the basic spec are included on the factory image of windows.

Have a look in Device Manager and see if there are any yellow alerts... go to START... Right Click MY COMPUTER... PROPERTIES... HARDWARE... DEVICE MANAGER
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Ditto ^. Remove Norton, it will cause issues everywhere and bugger your OS <99% of the time.

Do the above and then run these: in safe mode throughly.

Also after that, defrag your HDD and see how that goes.
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