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Slow Network

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Hi, I guess you could call me the network administrator of a small home business network. I have the following setup:

I am a total newb at networks so I am sure this is full of major errors.
The network runs obnoxiously slow, taking upwards a minute just to view a folder directory on another computer. All the cables are the standerd cat5 cables that you get at radio shack. Except the 2 long distance cables are home made, rollover cables (ABCDEFG -> GFEDCBA).
Are there any obvious problems that could be causing the lag in my setup? If not, any suggestions on what it might be?
Thank you very much.

(P.S. sorry about the large image)
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Could you tell us a bit about some of the equipment? For example, what is the make and model of the router and switches you are using? How long is this home-made rollover cable, and what is it made of?

Also, is this based on a domain or workgroup environment? How is it all subnetted?
The router is a Belkin wireless Router, 2.4ghz 802.11 Wireless
The switch is a linksys
EtherFast 10/100 8port workthrough Switch
The hub is just a 4 port D-link hub.

The homemade cables are both about 40meters long and are UTP Cat5e, not sure if thats what you needed.

It is workgroup enviroment. As I said before im a total newb with this stuff so im not sure how to find out how it is subnetted.
I'd be looking REAL close at the cables. This has all the earmarks of improperly paired connections. Pay particular attention to the fact that the pairs don't go to adjacent pins.

CAT5 Cable Wiring Diagram

How do I know when to use a cross-over as opposed to a straight through or roll-over etc.?
Other than possibly the router to the switchs, providing they don't have auto-MDX ports on either end, all the cables are straight patch cables. What is the exact model of the Belkin router, since it's most likely to have the auto-MDX ports.
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