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Slow Keyboard Driver Initiation????

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When I boot up my computer it appears as though my keyboard is not active.

Say when im trying to boot in safe mode....I'll tap the F8 key, get into the Menu, and attempt to select what I want but my arrow keys dont work.

I would seem to me that my driver isnt kicking in until Windows has fully booted.

If you have any solutions to this I would be greatful.
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What brand / kind of keyboard are you using ? What was the most recent change in your OS ?
Brand Keyboard

My keyboard is a microsoft internet keyboard
mod. # - RT9411
version - 5FTW
MS Part # - X04-95655

The last change in my operating system was I guess you could say some registery values that were removed to assist in removal of spyware/virus problems. The problem dates back later than recent though. These values were only delt with yesterday.

Is there maybe a way to set the driver to laod at a different point??
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