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Slow Desktop

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I have an HP Desktop and it is very slow. Can someone help me troubleshoot this issue? I have a gig of Ram, 160 GIG HD and 1.8 Gig processor
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G'Day waldorftbeagle,

Going by the description that you have given, you may have a malware issue.
Having said that, please go to the link "The 5 Steps" in my signature and read the instructions carefully.
You will need to post a HJT log in the HJT forum, where one of the trained analysts will assist you in 'cleaning' your computer.
Once you post (and before submitting) your HJT log, click on "Go Advanced" and at the bottom of the message pane click "subscribe to this thread", so that you will receive an email message as soon as a reply is posted.
Please be patient with them at the HJT Forum, as they are usually quite busy, and generally you should receive your first reply within 2 Days.
In the event that you have not received a reply in this time, just go back into your thread, and type "Bump"; this will then move your posting back to the main page where you will receive attention.
Good Luck with it.

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Thanks for your help. I completed the five steps. I posted my hijacklog as directed. It has not been replied to as of yet. I posted one out there 2 weeks ago and I have no response. Am I doing something wrong?
You have done nothing wrong, they are very busy in the security forum, plz be patient I am sure someone will look over your log a.s.a.p.
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