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I have 3 HardDrives, a 160gb Maxtor which is roughly 2-3 years old, and an 80gb Maxtor which is roughly 1.5 years old, both SATA, and an 80 gb Maxtor IDE.

I had been using the 80gb IDE as a system drive and the 160 for all ancillary files. About a year ago, I began experiencing extremely slow boots, both for the operating system to start up, and for all programs to start once I actually got into windows.
I replaced this with the 80gb SATA, going off a friend's advice that the drive was just failing. I beleive everything was fine after that, until-
About 6 months ago, the same thing began happening, so I just gave up, installed on the 160gb, and disconnected both 80s..

Since then everything has been working peachy, quick boots.

I wanted to try the 80 SATA again because I'm running out of space on the 160, and it makes me nervous having no backup drives.

I tried connecting the 80 as a secondary drive. However, as soon as I did, I began booting extremely slowly again, or failing to boot at all, it would just show the Windows loading screen eternally.

I tried booting to safemode and checking the drive for errors, then formatting it, but to no avail.
I just disconnected the drive and, *bam*, no problems.

As I said, I'm running out of room, and want a backup, but I'd like to see if I can't fix one of these drives before I go get a new one.

Any ideas?

Mobo: ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe

I can get more if you need it.

Thanks in advance for any/all help.

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There are both Sata Raid and Sata Non-raid slots on this board. Are you certain that you have the drive hooked up to slot #2 on the Sata Non-raid slots? Then, when you put in another drive, you need to enter the Bios setup menu and make sure that:

1) The drive area is set to auto
2) The Sata area is enabled (page 4-18 top part of your manual
3) Then, go to the Hard Drive Priority and make sure you have your boot drive set to boot first.
4) Then, make sure your boot order is set to:

CDRom - 1st
Floppy - 2nd
Boot Drive - 3rd

If you make any changes, don't forget to save before you exit.

Then, if you still have difficulties with this drive, download and run the hard drive manufacturer's utility for this hard drive. It can be found HERE

Post back when you have had a chance to look at these areas.

Special note: I have this same motherboard using two Sata drives and two IDE hard drives and it works quite well and is a great board.
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