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sli help

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just got new video card

6600gt evga

havent done much with this sli stuff b4
my friend has same card same manufacturer but different model # ending in bx or tx or something like that but when setting up sli in the advanced settings there is no check box for enable multi gpu and im just wondering why isnt this working so i tried in my friends computer and the results were the same. I downloaded drivers from nvidia and evga sites it didnt make any difference. so... i just want to know why this is not working. i believe i set everything up right both video cards can be seen in device manager. i am just wondering what the problem can be psu prob? do they have the be exact model #'s?

amd 64 3500+
msi k8n neo4 platinum/sli
2x512mb dual channel ocz
36gb wd raptor
480w psu
win xp sp2


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They have to be exactly the same... Manufacturer, BIOS, chipset, everything. It's usually best to buy them in pairs if you plan to go SLI. Buying one at one time and the second at another will usually make it impossible to get an SLI setup working.
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