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Skipping, freezing in firefox, and pc in general

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A lot of skipping/short freezing while doing things in firefox. I'll be typing--even now--and letters wont' show up till a second after I type them at times. Scrolling a page, same thing--stopping for a sec, then scrolling.

Sometimes I'll get it on my computer searching or picking images, going through menus, seems more prevalent in firefox though.

I recently updated my memory from 4gb to 16. I would think I'd have no lagging issues whatsoever. I haven't even noticed much change from 4gb. And actually things were running ok on 4, but I mainly upgraded for use of my graphics software.

I've disabled flash, so every site it now asks me if I want to keep blocking it--very annoying but I thought flash might be the issue. Apparently not since I'm still getting the problem.

And my fans respond to load I believe and sometimes they'll be spinning high and nothings really going on. Not sure what's taxing the system so much that they're spinning so high.



windows 7 Home Premium, SP1
Firefox 45.0.1

Thank you
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I had just cleaned it about 2 weeks ago. Using speccy, the only temp thats high is the video card, at about 64C. Plus everything, i believe, has been replaced since i got it back in 2009. So everything is relatively new, except the hard drives.
I did have an overheating issue about a year ago, so I got a new many-fan case after doing research, got a friend that works in fixing computers to transfer everything to the new case. Since then I've had no overheating problems. At that time, I couldn't figure out what was causing it either. Neither could the box-store shops (best buy).

So should I try the clean boot?
It's not constant. I just can't tell what's prompting it. If my vid card is running hot as it is, maybe it needs to be replaced. That's an older part as well.
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