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Sitemap help

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I need some help with my sitemap, im pretty new into making a website. I know in order for the traffic to pick up i need to fix my sitemap. ive tried everything i could think of, im to where i need help

Any help would be appreciated
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I would be willing to help you.

Whats the problem?
Well i want to set it up to where i can get more traffic to my site, i feel like if i can fix my sitemap the right way maybe ill get more but like i said im really new to making a website. I did one o those sitemap generators and it came up with some errors
so your looking to improve your search engine optimization?(SEO)
Yeah, i think that would help me get more traffic
I have asked a teammate to assist you in this as i am not experienced in this field.

while he is responding you can give this a read: 55 Quick SEO Tips Even Your Mother Would Love | Search Engine Journal
Hi Sphelps32 and welcome to the TSF. Will you post the link to your site? We'll take a look and see what we can do for you.
That's a great find Laxer. It covers the things I would suggest. One thing I found looking at the source code is no keyword tag. This is vital to SEO. The code is ver simple.
<META name="your keywords"> This is what google, yahoo, bing and all then look for. Try the plug-in that Lexar recommended and let us know if that's included.

You also want to register with the search engines. You can go to gogle webmaster tools. It'll give you the option to "Add a Site" Type in the URL and it'll give you the choice between uploading an html file to your root folder, or adding a META tag. I usually choose to add a META tag to the META section of the head. Then you go back to Google webmaster tools and click to verify site. If it finds the code you're set. Yahoo and Bing have similar settings if you just search for add a site. Almost all other search engines operate off of google, yahoo, and Bing. Let us know how Lexars plugin works for you.
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I also wanted to add that sometimes a more colorful theme gets more attention then grays.
Thanks for the help, ill work on it and let u both know how it went.

Appreciate all the help
Well i tried that plugin you guys suggested and i already almost doubled thw views on my website... Thanks a lot for the help, im gonna see if i can find a better more colorful theme too
Always glad to help :)

let us know if you have any other questions
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