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Sistem drv. backup file is too small

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Recently decided to make system drive full backup, for restore needs(if needed), by Acronis true image.
Everything went clear, but the made backup file is more then a half smaller then the drive(C) itself.
The question is - is that normal ?
The re archiving of the image, won't loose any thing that is now on the drive ?
That's all....
Thank's in advance.
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It's normal for an Acronis image to be smaller than the amount of data on your backed up partition. Acronis uses compression and probably doesn't back up things like the page file.
Tnx for the reply...
Well, the image file is seems to be O.K. I've restored it to another hard drive, the folders and files are matching the original ones...
The problem that I can't get over with is, when I plugged the hard drive to the computer and tried to start windows, I've got an error " NTDLR is missing..."
Is there a way to resolve it, without system repair with the OEM boot disk ?
Tnx in advance... :)
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