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Simple Home Network Problems

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I am trying to setup a home network with 2 computers with xp home. Problem is one computer wont cooperate. Everytime I try to run the network setup wizard it comes up and says it can complete because it ran into an error. So I try to enter the ips, subnet and gateways manually. Says its connected, but cant share files or see computers in games. Firewalls are disabled. Any suggestions? They are connected via a 5 port switch.
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try pinging the computers back and forth to check for basic connectivity and proper ip setup.
How do you do that? I know it is done at the command prompt but what are the commands?
well on one computer at a command promp type "ipconfig", and get the number listed as IP address. Go to the other computer, open up a command prompt, and type "ping [ip address of other computer]" without the brackets and quotes of course. Look at the result, if there are 5 lines that say reply from ...... that means it was successful, if it says 'request timed out' or 'destination host unreachable' then there is a problem.
ok i did that and i get the bad one, request timed out. what kind of problem causes this? i dont understand as the network was working fine earlier in the day.
well, it could be some sort of physical connection problem (ie cables etc..) or it could be that the computers are not configured to proplerly 'see' each other. on each computer run 'ipconfig /a' and post the ip address and subnet information on each computer. they should be 192.168.1 or 0.x
You need to post the exact configuration details you're entering for each computer. Telling us that "I did that" doesn't help much. On each computer, do this:

Open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.
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