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Is there a way to simply flash the latest Android version 6.0 to my phone, if my phone supports it? I have a 2 year old mid range Samsung. I thought this would not be too difficult compared to installation of, say, Ubuntu on a PC, but I am mainly stuck on the following point: where do I get the unmodified, 'stock' Android 6.0 OS? I found the Nexus images, but I do not know if those will work in non-Nexus phones.

Thanks in advance.

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...maybe its not possible to have marshmallow on an old samsung, looks like it is , for now, for nexus and galaxy note only.

Why not put CM 11 on your phone?
Anyway, good luck, hope someone else might help....:smile:



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You should always post the make and model of the device, it makes it easier to check things out if we know the details.

The first phase of Samsung handsets should land in December 2015 and includes:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

These models are slated for a January 2016 update:

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Followed by the older Note models in February 2016:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The next run of devices doesn't have a timeframe, and is awaiting approval:

Samsung Galaxy Alpha
Samsung Galaxy S5

Finally there's a second phase of updates reported, although these apparently have to be approved. It includes:

Samsung Galaxy A8
Samsung Galaxy A7
Samsung Galaxy A5
Samsung Galaxy A3
Samsung Galaxy E7
Samsung Galaxy E5

There's been no word on tablet updates so far.
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