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Simple Active-Directory content filter

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I have been looking for a suitable content filter to offer to my customers for a while now.

I have looked into smoothwall, barracuda, dansguardian, and various routers "built-in" filters.

What I'm really looking for at the moment is something that I can install on every computer on the network, that will provide the following;
  • Block Internet Access
  • Don't block internet access
  • Block internet access if site is on a "banned" list

And it will do all of those, by user, not by computer.

All of the ones out there seem to be far too fancy.

I don't mind doing it through group policy either, but I am dealing with large networks in some instances where adding in a proxy to IE won't work, because they have chrome/mozilla/something else installed.

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It seems like you want fine-grained control, simply. Sounds like an oxymoron to me. What is it about the "fancy" firewalls and/or proxy servers that you don't like? Certainly you can control what browser is default through group policy and then you can also specify the proxy server through group policy.
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