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SimCity 3000 Unlimited won't run!

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I keep having problems with SimCity 3000 Unlimited Edition.When I install it and the play it,I see the Maxis logo and then I see the intro...I get excited after looking at the intro and then i wait a few secounds and...I heard the music,but no game.I even waited 5 minutes and it was just a black screen with music.I got off the game and searched on the internet for 30 minutes for a answer to my problem and got nothing.I need help on whats happening!!!

B.T.W-I own a Windows XP Home Edition.(Made in 2002,SimCity 3000 was made in 1999 or 2000.)
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tell about your computer, cpu, ram, video card?
How do I get that info...
I only know about my computer and ram...
I got 256 RAM
My computer is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (5.1,2600 Build)

Posting System Specifications

Has this game ever worked on your computer? Have you made any hardware upgrades? Are your device drivers up to date? Any yellow or red flags in Device Manager?
I noticed that it happened because I checked the SimCity 3000 Unlimited file and I compared it to the files needed with a guy I know that also has SimCity 3000 Unlimited and I'm missing some files...I think I need to reinstall it...
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