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*sigh* Help me think, lol

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Sorry for posting this again, but this is kinda important lol. Maybe it is just really simple and I'm thinking too hard...dunno.

This is the scenario, I had a 40GB hard drive in one computer and a 8.4 in another, I wanted to switch them, seeing how the 8.4GB HDD was rather small and it was on the main/superior comp. I popped each HD out, and switched them only to find how that someone had formated each one different, one was in NTFS and the Other (8.4GB) was fat32. So I hooked the the 40GB as slave to format it (keeping it NTFS). After I had done that I popped in my xp cd and *thought* that I did a convert to NTFS on the 8.4GB. Well I didn't, I installed XP to the 40GB instead now I'm dual booted and I can't remove the 8.4GB HD without getting a "NTLDR" error on startup. right now its set up like this:

Master = C:\ 8.4GB fat32
Slave = F:\ 40GB NTFS

this is how i want it:

Master = C:\ 40GB NTFS

How would I go about remeding this?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Oh yeah, I would rather not have to reformat the 8.4GB if i do not have to.
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When partioning the drive, when installing using the XP disk, doesn't it format it NTFS?
Not sure how it got formated to fat 32

Not sure how it was formated to fat32 and not NTFS, I'm really tired, so I'm going to mess with it more tomorrow, I have a couple Idea's runnin around in my head, I just lack the motivation to carry them out. hahaha
did you check for multiple partitions on the HD you're having trouble with ?
start run MSconfig...

boot INI and atleast switch the default boot drive....
Thanks, I figured it out. Is there a way to lock threads?
yeah there is .. :D but maybe you want to post how you went about fixing the problem so that others searching the site have the info.
Yeah, ok. Since the only thing I had on the Second hard drive was the accidentally installed XP. I just reformatted it, took the first hard disk out. Then I booted from CD-Rom to reinstall XP onto it. The only thing I have left to do is restore all my backups and format the other disk as well. There was proabably a way without having to reformat, but all this way put me out was about 1 hour.

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