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shutting down

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okay im having some other issues now i got my computer to start working after deleteing hard drive and somemore stuff but after a while im just here enjoying the computer one day and now today its shutting off without no warning just loggs me off and shuts down now i cut it back on and its says welcome and go to the desktop for a minute and does it again and again what could be my problem
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If it shuts down over and over (and it's a shutdown/reboot, and not just power shutting off), it's likely that lsass.exe is being closed, which starts a 60 second system shutdown/reboot (on purpose) initiated by the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account - because the local security subsystem is no longer running (lsass.exe), and the system's security is compromised. That is classic virus/malware behavior, particularly something sasser does (although there are others that could do this as well).
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