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Show seconds in the tray clock

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hi there!

I heard there was some way to show the seconds on the tray's clock. Obviously I'm not talking about using external programs. I've searched the Control Panel, goggled a bit.. but nothing. In the Regional and Language Options in Control Panel, in the Regional Options tab, clicking "Customize..." and then in the Time tab there's a Time format field, but it's already H:mm:ss, but the clock doesn't seem to obey to that H:mm:ss format.

I don't believe Microsoft hasn't give us a way to change it, even if in a dark, wet and hard to find corner in the registry, or whatever... we have 3+ GHz processors with tons of ram, so the "resources eater" excuse no longer applies!! [BigGrin] [Wink]

thanks! [Wink]
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hey hey hey I found a tweak. THERE :D

I tried it on my own system :D It doesnt look like the original time. Indeed looks ugly. But gives you what you wanted :)

Undo : right click on time and pick exit tclock. ( this is probably not a windows tweak - on a second thought - )

:luxhello: :4-cheers:
hey thanks for the reply!

well like i said that's an external program to replace de clock... :(

there are few like that, but still i think it's not worth having the clock replaced.

i use Samurize and it has an option to replace the clock with another config.

i'm getting shocked to see that windows has so many useless features shadows here, enable disable drag&drop in the start menu, bla bla bla... and a simple option to customize the clock, doesn't seem to exist!

well, there's already a close feature. that Control Panel -> Regional... -> Customize.. -> Time tab. That's what i was hoping to configure the clock. But like the tooltip there says "Changes the way Windows shows time"... so isn't the clock a part of windows?

lol well i know this isn't a "big deal" compared to all the other windows bugs, but still i'm astonished at how, and looking at all the other S.O.'s, there no way to change put the seconds in the clock!
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