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Should upgrade, or build?

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Hi, I'm knew to the computer world, and I was wondering If I should upgrade this computer for gaming, or build a new computer, and use some of the old parts ( like CPU or graphics card). My budget is around $800

My specs right now.

Intel Core 2 Quad q6600 2.4 GHz
GeForce GT 240 1gig
dell inc. 0FM586
300w-460w PSU

Also, could you please advise on the best available build for my budget?

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Basically, it is inspiron 530, with upgraded graphics card
definetly upgrade the psu.

If I were you though I would build my own system and make sure it has a good power supply.
I also would recommend that you start from scratch and build and then sell your old rig or part it out on Ebay to defray some of the cost.
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