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My Shaw phone terminal box (also connected to internet cable modem & cable t.v.) is connected to a device on the wall via a phone line to open main entrance of condo door when guest comes in, the other end of it goes to touch tone phone.

I have to press 6 on phone to open door.

The device use to be flashing green light in order to get a dial tone to phone out and door
opening by pressing 6 works.

Recently after I conencted it to wireless phone it turn flashing red light and I tried to connect
back to old phone but it doesn't work. No dial tone at all when I try to phone out.
But when people try to buzz me downstairs with the phone to get entertry it still works to
open the door when I press 6.

There is a hole on to to reset this device, I tried to push it down with a clip, but still doesn't
turn back flashning green light and no dial tone. It still stays flashing red light.

What could be wrong and what should I do ?

I heard could be caused by short circuit ?

The shaw phone terminal box works because when I connect phone line directly to my touch tone phone, it works.

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