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Sharing Network Connection

Hey. Down on my room I got on laptop and a another pc.
The laptop has a network card and I recive a good singal there, as for the pc it dont such a card.
So what i did was to use a standard network cabel. Spesifications(AESP (UL) TYPE CM 4PR 24AWG) thats what it says on the cabel...
any way, so i used that from my laptop and into my other pc. And hers the network setup:
The wierless connection on laptop:
The local cabel network on laptop:
And thas all there.

Now on the other stationary pc i had recive ip adress and the same with the dns. Now on the wierless card under properties on wierlessnetwork connection in the tab advanced there are 2 boxes you can check on off (Allow other networks users to use this computers network connection) And I check on that. And it worked as hell! Got fast internet trough the laptop and on to my stationary pc.

Now the problem is! My dad changed the network from the 0 to 149.
So now it is IP:
The same gose for the 0 in the gateway aswell. Changed to 149.
And now for some reason the stationary pc cant get ip adress. I trie to use repair on network but it wont get any ip adress at all. Than I went back to 0 on the laptop just to check and it got an ip than. But there is no network on 0 any more. We just got a new internet connection, so we temporarly used the 0 insted of 149 which is used all over this house. But still why wont it work on 149, whats special about the 0??? or whats special about the 149? I cant seem to understand why that is? If any one could look into this i would be most gratefull!

THX Agian! Hope we can solv this. And btw my pc language is in norwegian so I translated it so it might not be wordly correct. But it should have the same meaning!
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