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We have 2003 serving up a cash register application to a small workgroup. One worker needs to tap in from home. She has 2000 and we installed Remote Desktop connecting to an XP Pro machine at work.
Server name is PO000
XP Pro workstation name is PO005

She has a Lexmark printer attached and shared on her 2000 computer via LTP1.
When she connects to PO005 via remote desktop her Lexmark comes with her but it's not shared.
We share it and name the share king at which time our cash register application can send a print job home to her via the network path \\PO005\king

The next time she connects the printer is not shared. We have to manually share it. The default share names trys to name it king(fr which is the first 8 characters of a name like king (from session 1) or something.

Is there any batch file, tip, trick to make her printer show up shared as king each time she connects to machine PO005 remotely?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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