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Hi all.
I have a little tricky situation but hope you can help me out.

I have a LAN of 10 Windows XP PCs, one of them is connected to Internet. Internet connection is via Windows VPN.
I want to make the connected PC a Windows VPN server too, so that other PCs in my LAN could connect to it via VPN and have some internet.
I also want to have traffic shaping and internet usage reporting.

1. I tried to do it using Windows XP means, but failed to do the routing, so my first question is: Is it possible at all?

2. I also want to assign IPs in my LAN VPN, the server settings allow only to define IP range, how can I do it?

3. Can I use Kerio Firewall for the task of traffic shaping and reporting?

Please, help and thank you in advance.
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