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Several problems

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I have several problems that I think might be all related.

1. The "open with" window open for every application I try to open U.
2. My volume control has stopped working.
3. I have lost the entire tool bar at the top of the page.

As I said, I think they all might be related. Can you help!
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1. Not sure what your problem actually is!

2. Do you mean on the software or on your speakers?

3. If you mean the toolbar on the net at the top, then hit F11.

You need to give a better description of the faults, they're a little vague.
Did these problems all appear at the same time?

If they did, what did you do just before, install a new app? driver? use a reg cleaner?

An option you have is system restore. Choose a time when everything was fine and dandy and restore to that.
ok, were not at a loss yet.

boot up in safe mode (tap f8 while pc boots)

then try system restore.

or if it still won't open try the command prompt to get to system restore

this link may help you with that
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