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Sever Setup for Applications

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Hi everyone,

This might sound very stupid but I am novice user who is willing to learn.

Here's what I need your help with:

I want to setup Windows 2003 server as a domain and install all software such as Office 2003, Photoshop CS5, etc on a server machine.

then I want to assign access to certain applications based on user name, for example: i want some users to have access to only Office 2003 and others to both Office 2003 and Photoshop CS5.

I don't want to install any software on a workstation. However, I want to be able to save data on a local machine.

Is something like this even possible to do? BTW, my reason behind doing this is that some apps take alot of resources to run and i have a server that is capable of handling larger apps.

Thank you.
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love boy - are you looking to setup the server as a Domain Controller? If so, you can then use group policy to determine who has access to what. How are the users going to access the applications? Are you building a network with pcs that will connect to the server or will this be setup virtually?

Yes, I am plannning on setup server as a domain controller unless there's better work around it. I would like to setup dumb terminals with windows 7 that user will use to connect to server with all applications. Is there a way I can let user launch application from the server without installing them on local machine?
I agree with Samurai, Group Policy is the way to go.

Is this for a business or just something you are playing with? Also, how many clients?

You will only be able to connect 2 clients to it before you need to install Terminal Services. This would not be a configuration that I would recommend, neither would Microsoft I expect ! You could build a lower spec server as a DC and use the higher spec machine for TS, you will also need to have TS licenses, or if it is just for playing with, you will get 120 days of grace
Thank you for your help.

I am just playing with it... can I launch applications without TS? Can I just give access to applications and lauch them on a local maching from the network?
Unless the program has specifically designed to do so, no. Office either runs from the local machine or in a Terminal Services environment, but I'm pretty sure that you can't install it on the server and then run it locally. Office, just like most applications, install and preload many DLL's on the local machine that are necessary for the program to run.
I think the solution I was looking for is Citrix or VMware, please correct me if I am wrong.
Citrix is definatley the way to go. If you are just playing, you can download some eval licenses and play for 60 days. After that, you can use the "Administrator" account only, but still have functionality
seriously, i don't have pay for it as long as i'm willing to use only administrator account??

it's for my personal use there are no more user who'll need to access this. I have a server class machine that is pretty fast which i would like to use for running adobe premier and photoshop without slowing my personal computer. At the same time i don't want two computers on my desk - so i'll be putting citrix machine on a network in a different room.

thank you Shermanator and BlueEyedSamurai for your help.
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