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Setting up Outlook with BT Broadband

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Hi all

I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have just purchased BT Broadband. Now I didn't know that there was BT Broadband and BT Openworld Broadband. The letter has email facilities whereas mine does not.

Now I already own a domain and web space with the following:

NT Hosting

Our NT plans are an ideal entry level web hosting solution, features include:

World class technology
99.9% Uptime
POP3 email account
Unlimited email addresses
ASP + Perl support
Database support (MS Access 2000)
CGI support
FTP access

Question is can I configure Outlook/Outlook express to work with the POP3 email account I have in this hosting package. If I can then no problems - if I can't then I'll have to get BT Openworld Broadband.

Cheers guys
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Hmm... Not familar with the company itself, but most hosting companies will allow you to use your own outlook (express) or other e-mail program. You may have to check for secure login though.
I have a broadband account with email, but I use my own domain name provider's POP email for my main account, so I suspect you can too. AAMOF, you don't need any network email account, you can be your own mail provider if you like, lots of packages to let you do that.
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