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setting up laptop

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hi i need help to reinstall windows on a toshiba tecra 510cdt.
it has already been formatted and now just asks for a system disk when it it is booted up.
there is no fdd on the laptop which makes life difficult.
it has a 10xcdrom drive but this is not recognised on boot up and needs drivers loading which i have downloaded from the toshiba website.
how do i install the cdrom so i can set up the windows95.
the laptop only has 16mb of ram currently installed ,so am i right in thinking only win 95 will work on this???or will 98 be an option?.
i am able to set up a computer after a reformat and clean install but have had no experience where the cdrom is not available.
any help much appreciated and in laymans terms if possible if there is dos commands to install as i do not understand dos instructions much at all ..thx in advance
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You have no floppy, the CD is not supported in the BIOS, and the hard disk has been formatted? :confused:

It appears to me that the only option is to remove the hard drive, use a 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter, Install MS-DOS to make the drive bootable, copy the W9x installation directory to the hard disk, then put it back into the laptop. You can then boot to DOS, go into the W9x setup directory, and run setup.
No Floppy?!

Man, that computer must be OLD not to have come with a standard floppy drive...
Also, I'm almost positive that the minimum amount of ram for windows 98 is 16 mb, so you should be fine. And in case you are using a cheap kind of memory, you can find low prices for large-sized chips of cheap memory @ (i.e. $14 for 128 MB of PC100 RAM). Really, I would recommend upgrading to at least 64 MB...
Being a Toshiba laptop, it almost certainly takes proprietary memory modules, so it won't be all that cheap to upgrade the memory. I think that Windows of any flavor will be a slug in 16mb, glad I don't have to run that way. :)
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