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Well, I have really be interested in building my own server for my computer. I was just wondering if this would work:

I am running Home Pro Vista (sorry for wrong forums, I was just hoping I might of gotten a bigger response here, it really doesn't mater anyways).

My ISP is Adelphia

I am connected by a wireless Linksys Router.

Any help? Thanks!

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I have only just joined TSF, but its unbelievable that this first post is about a home server!

The last few months I have been raving on about building one, but have never got around to it.

Like "crazijoe" said it really depends on what u want it to do.

Some options could be:

Web Services:
  • Install software like XAMPP
  • secure it (the info is in the FAQ)
  • Do some port forwards on your router, so the world can reach your server
    If you dont, your router will act like a firewall and block it, so you forward some ports like the HTTP, FTP, etc. ports to your server.
    (I can help you with this if you want more info)
  • Host a website, FTP server, mail server, etc.

NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • You could use a complete operating system like FreeNAS, or just insall XAMPP on your windows again and just use the FTP server
  • Backup and retrieve files from anywhere (internet or network) to a server

VOIP server
  • Install Skype, or NetPhone, etc.
  • Get a USB phone, or adapter to connect a standard cordless phone, or something
  • Use it to save money on your phone bills

Game server, media server, PVR (personal video recorder)... AND LOTS MORE! :grin:

Im not too sure how all this will work on Vista, as ive never used it b4, but im sure there will be software to match.

But the best thing is, all this software is not only free, but compatible with linux, so you could save your Vista lisence for your everyday machine, and install the operating system and all this software for $0 !!!

Its only up to you what you want to do :4-dontkno

(excuse the long post, its my first time :laugh: )
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