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Setting PSP to 333Mhz

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Can someone please tell me how can I make my PSP faster I have heard somewhere that you can set it to 333Mhz, is this true and how do I do it?

Are there any risks involved in doing this?

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Wikipedia said:
The PlayStation Portable's main microprocessor is a multifunction device that includes a MIPS R4000-based CPU, hardware for multimedia decoding (such as H.264), as well as a vector unit dubbed "Virtual Mobile Engine". The MIPS CPU core is globally clocked between 1 and 333 MHz. During the 2005 GDC, Sony revealed that it had capped the PlayStation Portable's CPU clock speed at 222 MHz for licensed software. Its reasons for doing so are unknown, but are the subject of some speculation. Various homebrew tools enable users to operate at 333 MHz, generally leading to a higher framerate at the expense of battery life.
And a tiny bit more heat, if you don't mind getting your hands warm.
From what i've read on the homebrew pages, certain emulators allow you to adjust the CPU clock and screen resoloution etc.
It depends on what homebrew programs you want to run, it doesn't seem like there is a 'quick fix' that will clock it to the full 333Mhz.

This is something i read regarding a 'Devhook' v4.x (4.6 is apparently the latest).

Q: Is there a way to run games in 333Mhz?
A: Yes. Press Home+Select while in the XMB.

PSP Tutorials and Devhooks

The above link has all the information on how to load and run the Devhooks, as well as troubleshooting and tutorials.
You can also download the Devhooks from that site.
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Thank you for the information. I will and go check it out abit!

Not a problem, was a bit of an eye opener for me also.:eek:
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