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Setting default bootable OS

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Ok, I have Win XP installed on my C:\, as well as my D:\. So, when I boot my computer it gives me the option of which OS to load, and the first one will default (C:\) after about 30 seconds. All is fine....

BUT, the other day I went to install a fresh copy of Win XP over my D:\ because of driver incompatibilities and got about half way through and realized that if I did a fresh install, I would lose all of My Documents and other files I had not backed up. SO, I canceled the install and decided that I didn't need a fresh copy of Win XP on my D:\ because I don't use it that often.

SO NOW, when I boot my computer I have THREE options: the first one being my OS for C:\, the second one being my old copy OS on my D:\, and now the newly created OS for my D:\. The problem is, the third (the one where I tried to install a fresh copy of WinXP to my D:\) is now the default. So, if my computer restarts and I am not there to choose which OS I want, it defaults to the third installation which results in a failed load and I have to restart again and choose one of the first two.

SO, I went into the file where it shows the boot lines (I forget which one it is, boot.ini?) and deleted the third line (which was the third OS I tried to load) but it is still showing that I have a third OS installed when I boot my computer. These are the three options of OS that I get:

1. Windows XP Professional (C:\)
2. Windows XP Professional (original copy on D:\)
3. Default

...In those exact words. It defaults to number 3 unless I am there to manually choose number one. Is there a way to get rid of 3?

Thanks guys, sorry for the rambling.
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You are asking for trouble from the start with 3, or even two OS's on the
same machine, I could see doing it for a duel boot , to win98, linux. But why
the same os twice? It is the boot ini. but I think the Mbr is tied into that
as well. If it were me, I would start over again, format the extra drives,
format and install xp on just one hdd. Then use your other drives for
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