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Set up Home Network Storage Drives

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I have 3 dell computers link via wireless network. All 3 running WINXP. 2 of computers are active (being used) and one is connected to the network, can be accessed to read or write to 2 hard drives. I would like to erase all data on on of these hard drives so other 2 active systems can use the inactive system for storage. What is best way to access and format/erase/partition hard drives for storage. Inactive system is bootable with WINXP OS.

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Start, Run, diskmgmt.msc

You can remove the partitions from the inactive drives and format them fresh, they'll be whistle clean. :smile:

How would I access this process for a network drive. These drives are in a separate CPU connected by cable to the router. I have mapped them (drive M and N) to my main client CPU and can see them in the Network view from the main CPU. diskmgmt.msc, does not indicate these hard drives in main screen.
Right click on "My Computer" on either of the PCs on the network, choose "Manage", Right click on "Computer Management (Local)" and choose "Connect to another Computer", enter the name of the system you want to erase the data on. Click "OK", Clicko n "Storage", then clickon "Disk Management".

You can also do it on the other computer. :smile: Remote management only works on XP-Pro or Vista Business or Ultimate, not any of the Home versions.
I am running XP Home. When I tried the procedure suggested, I got the following message, "The disk management console failed to connect to the remote system because the dismanagment remoting service is not in the Windows Firewall exception list. Add the Disk Management remoting service (dmremote.exe) to the indows Firewall exception list and try again." I attempted this but could not find the location of the dmremote.exe file. Pls advise
Remote management doesn't work on Home versions of Windows.
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