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Set up a VPN: please Help

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Hi there!
I was woundering if you could help me , explaining me step by step, how to set up a VPN.
Here is my network config:
I have Win 2003 SBS Server on my HP Proliant (with, my SMC router SMC7904BRB (, then I've got a few workstations running XP Pro SP3, which have manually configured IP addresses (, and so on).
My network does not have static IP address, so I use DUC No-IP, so my FTP can work.
I'd appreciate very much your help. If you need any more info about my hardware/software, please let me know.
I haven't got any machine just for tests, and my server cannot be down, so I have to be sure that will do no harm to my working configuration.
Thanks in advanced.
Best regards,
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Nobody is willing to help me?
Thank you for your time.
It will be just me to use the VPN, so I can remotly acess my workstation when I'm not in the office.
No, haven't tryied that, yet.
We do not have static ip. However, we use No-Ip so we can always connect from outside to our FTP.
I'll try your sugestions.
If I have any problem ou dificulty, I'll post it here.
Thanks for your help.
My best regards.
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