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Set up a VPN: please Help

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Hi there!
I was woundering if you could help me , explaining me step by step, how to set up a VPN.
Here is my network config:
I have Win 2003 SBS Server on my HP Proliant (with, my SMC router SMC7904BRB (, then I've got a few workstations running XP Pro SP3, which have manually configured IP addresses (, and so on).
My network does not have static IP address, so I use DUC No-IP, so my FTP can work.
I'd appreciate very much your help. If you need any more info about my hardware/software, please let me know.
I haven't got any machine just for tests, and my server cannot be down, so I have to be sure that will do no harm to my working configuration.
Thanks in advanced.
Best regards,
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can you let me know what you want the vpn for and how many users would be using it. If its only a few users have you tried using the very simple small business connector.
Firsty I would get a static ip makes things so much easier. Do you have your own domain setup for the server? ie
If you dont have a static ip you may not have a domain either but if you do I would use the small business connector then as it is simple to use and doesnt require any router configuration other than opening the correct ports which if you have outlook web access should be open. You can download it from your remote web workplace which is usually or www.remote.mail.yourdomain

If you cant do this you could try a program like logmein hamachi or somethng similar which do work well.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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