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Services.exe High CPU

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I have run through the virus forum here and have discovered that this problem is not due to maleware or anything of that kind so I was directed here.

Problem: When Service Plug and Play is selected in MSCONFIG my CPU usage jumps up to 100% to 80% due to Services.exe

I am running Windows XP Pro SP3

Just can't deal with not being able to plug anything into my PC anymore!

Please Help
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If this helps I ran Process Explorer and this is what I found

I opened properties and found these threads using up usage:

The first one had multiple or duplacites and the second was only one.

Bumping in hopes of help, this is the second time ive posted this problem
Hi logicalman, Please post your system specs and what antivirus are you running?
Running Windows XP Pro, Service pack 3.

Avria is my antivirus program, but as previously stated I have gone thorugh the antivirus side of the forum and my computer is clean.

here is the link if you would like more info about possibly virus/maleware:

My problem wasn't resulved but my computer is clean
Bumping again.... Please help
Your computer specs will still help. If it's a store bought just brand and model is ok. If a custom build we need the motherboard, RAM, CPU, and Power Supple brand/mode/wattage.
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