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Server Monitoring Software

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Hi Guys,
Curious if anyone knows of any software that can be used to monitor server logs/disk space/errors.
It would be used across all sites connected via VPN connections. Doesnt need to be accessed by a web based browser from outside of the domain.

My work load is increasing and I'm not getting a chance to pay enough attention to logs unless they are centeralised. and a custom MMC doesnt seem to cut the mustard in terms of slowness when connecting remote sites.
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System Center Essentials will do this for you. You can set up alerts so if x happens it will send you a mail.

The remote site servers will need to be part of the same domain though as it creates a Group Policy at domain level.
Thanks for the reply - is there a free version of software that you know about? My company are saying no to paying for anything!
Funny, so many companies want all the bells and whistles...for free.
But they probably paid Microsoft (indirectly) umpteen thousands.
So few people realise the value of software - or the internet in general either for that matter.
It's amazing how such a new and all pervasive technology which so many people rely on, can have such a low perceived value.
I bet when trains were new, people paid lots to use them. And when tarmac'd roads were new, there were toll booths everywhere.
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