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Hello all,
I am looking for a little help. I am involved with emergency services
in my county, and the county uses Old Okidata ML320 serial printers to
send Dispatch Reports to the fire/EMS stations. Basically what is
happening is that there is a 9600 baud modem in each station that is
dialed into when there is a call. This modems serial port is plugged
directly into the serial port on the back of the Okidata printer. So
for simplicity (Telephone line --> 9600 baud modem --> Serial Okidata
Printer) The printer prints out the data. The goal is to remove this
old Okidata printer, run the modem into the serial port on PC then
monitor the data on the PC, and print the data on our choice of a
printer. I am looking at the program called Comcap. This would monitor
the serial data, display it, and redirect to a printer. I fear that
this is not that simple however. What type of data is in the serial
stream coming out of the modem and being fed directly into the Okidata
printer? Is it ASCII, Plaintext, or something else?

I have also seen the program called PrintCapture. I am curious if this
might be the solution that I am looking for. I have not seen any talk
of it decoding data that comes out of modems though, and not knowing
what kind of data goes into a serial printer, I am stuck with making my
next move.

Many thanks in advance for the help,

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