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Sennheiser PC-150 Headset - Mic Doesn't Work, PLEASE Help!

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I got this headset for Christmas (Merry Christmas by the way :D ) and for some reason the mic doesn't work. I don't think the mic is broken as I tested another mic and my computer picked up nothing from that one either. I've been searching around for a couple of hours now hoping to find a solution, but I've found nothing of use :(
Now, I definitely don't have the mic muted, I have the input volume on full, the mic isn't muted on the headset's control but still nothing.

Something odd happened during one test, though. I was doing the mic test in Windows for like the 8th time and for the first time the input bar showed that something was going in. When I spoke into the mic or tapped it the bar didn't move at all, but it was there for the first time non the less.
So yeah, microphone no worky :(
Any help will be greatly appreciated :)
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Please, I've scoured these forums and nothing I've found fixed my problem :( I'm pretty desperate, pluse my normal headphones have better sound quality than the Sennheisers but I don't to upset my GF by not using the Sennheisers (she bought them for me), so it'll be frustrating to have to totally downgrade my headphones with no advantages at all :(
OK another (what I consider to be strange) thing about this: I tried recording again in Sound Recorder and when I played the recording back I could hear static, but extremely quietly in the background I could hear music I was listening to through the attached headphones.
Also, I'm using onboard sound with Realtek AC97.

Can you test it on another computer?
Is the sound on your computer running fine otherwise?

Did you install the hardware through Add Hardware Wizard in Control Panel?
Hi...I'm having the same problem. My mic works on my room mate's laptop, but not on my desk top, also his mic doesn't work on my comp either.

It's not a USB so i have no hardware to install, or none that my pc recognizes
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