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Sending pictures problem!!

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I have a problem sending pictures over the internet!
yeah it sound weird, but it seems that my internet connection works perfectly fine with anything: surfing the net, downloading files, talking online with a webcam etc. but when it comes to sending pictures to pretty much anyone, it arrives corrupted.
I have tried sending through MSN, ICQ, Email and even upload to a shared space. The pictures seem scrambled like they have been shifted or something like that. Of course that they are fine when viewed in my own computer.
I should also mention that it only happens with pictures i uploaded from my digital camera Canon SD400, with the windows camera wizard.
Does anyone have any idea why this happens??
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The pictures are all jpg's...
I don't even know where to begin, that makes no sense. :smile: Can you send other binary files? How about ZIPPING the pictures and sending a ZIP file?

Well, this is the weirdest part - I can send eveything. from binaries to Mp3's and any other format or file. When I Zip or Rar the pictures they still come out with the same problem. The rar DOES open (there is no CRC error) only the pictures are corrupted.
See, i'm really pretty savvy about computers (I'm a software programmer) and I have no idea why this happens. Is there any possibility that the windows camera wizard treats them as copyrighted files and tries to encrypt them or protect them?
I can't even begin to come up with an idea on this one! :4-dontkno
Have you tried uploading them from your camera with windows camera wizard on another computer and sending them from there?
Finally I found someone who has exactly the same problem as I do. I know this thread is from 2007 but if someone has come uo with an answer to JnHoly´s problem , maybe that fix works for me as well. My theory is that it might have something to do with the USB- controller/connection/etc. because I can´t get my webcam to work either. Like JnHoly I´m not totally useless with computers (enthusiastic amateur). My digicam is Casio Excilim 1050, but all the rest is identical.
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