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Security Settings do not allow websites to use ActiveX [moved from Gen Sec]

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I have tried for a couple of weeks to figure this out on my own and about ready to purchase a new computer. I am starting a new work at home job Monday through and I haven't been able to make it through their pc check site because of this error message. I have enabled all activeX and plugins and have also tried cutting security completely off and no good results yet.

If you go to, then click on careers, then click on pc requirements and pc check it tries to download activeX add-on, but it won't let be do it. I have windows Vista (which I hate and also IE7, which I hate even more). Can someone please help me???
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Did you configure ActiveX in IE or in other security software that you have?

To configure in IE: With IE open click tools > internet options > security tab > with internet highlighted click custom level > scroll down until you see the ActiveX settings and set them as you wish
Yes I did all of this. It still won't pull this particular websites page open for me. Any other ideas? Thanks.
You can check the settings on your router to see if it is blocking ActiveX, since you've disabled all of your other security software. Some routers like mine have the ability to block ActiveX.

Try adding the site to the trusted sites list and remove it from the restricted sites list if it is in there.
If still no joy after trying what lorjack has suggested, or perhaps before, try resetting IE 7 defaults.

Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab. Under Reset Internet Explorer Settings, Click Reset then OK and exit IE 7. This may then cause the IE information bar to kick back in for that site.
It now states an add-on for this website failed to run. Please check your internet security settings. I have worked on this problem for 2 weeks now. Can any of you guys go to this website and see what it does for you? It's, then click on careers, then click on at home CCRS, then pc check and then it will check your PC. I would greatly appreciate any and all help I can get from you all. Thanks for all you've already done.
Yeah i tried it earlier and the information bar pops up asking me to install the ActiveX control. I didn't actually go through the scan because i don't know what it is trying to do.
It just runs a check on your PC to see if it has the basics for the work from home job. I've done it many times on my old computer; it'll just say PC check - passed. But I can't figure this one out.
Perhaps if you posted a screen shot of the error we would better understand how to help
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