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?=security database(RESOLVED)

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Hey guys,
When i go to start>adm tools>local security policy, a snap in opens up. Now the problem. When i click on any folder in the account policies or local policies, i get this message>> "windows cannot open the local policy database. The database you are attempting to open does not exist.
In essence i am unable to do anything with my local security policies. I have tried importing the templates, but it will say" database does not exist."
I am having a problem connecting to this computer over a network. This could be part of the problem. I have no idea what happened to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been to microsoft web site, but to no avail. thanks again
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Assuming you are using WIN2000 which is listed in your profile

Sometimes the Local Security Policy database cannot locate files that are hard-coded to show the path, such as C:\winnt\Security. Therefore, these files must be deleted. They are in the C:\winnt\Security directory and appear as edb.log, edb00008.log, res1.log, and res2.log.

After you delete the files, restart the system.

Access the Local Security Policy and the files are regenerated with the correctly coded path of “YourRemappedDriveLetter”:\winnt\security.

If that does not apply look over this article;en-us;278316
Is the file system FAT32 or NTFS
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Thank you so much. That did the job. I wish i knew stuff like this. like how to fix windows when it doesnt act right. Anyway again thank you tom
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