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security alert update problem HELP!

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:upset: Please could someone help me with this problem,i have security icon in taskbar saying my auto updates are off.When i open security centre to turn them on i am told i can't and am directed to do so from control panel>performance and maintenance>system.i do this to find my settings for autoupdates are on?i have turned them off then on again,changed time they update and so on,but security centre still insists they are off and displays the little icon in the taskbar?I have cleaned registry,defragged my drive and run a virusscan.I have now turned the icon off but nevertheless windows security still tells me my auto updates are off.i'm baffled and any assistance would be appreciated
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What's your antivirus software? When does it expire?

Or, are you talking about Windows updates?
hi i am using mcafee securitycenter
sorry yeah i am talking about windows automatic updates and i have mcafee security
yup i get a message saying there is a problem with the website,have tried a couple of times,same message,puzzled more than annoyed d'you think my version of xp may be corrupted?everything else seems ok as far as i know just this niggle
hi i've just installed windows defender to see if i can recieve any updates and recieved error code 0x80070424 it won t update either,my firewall settings allow this but no luck herre either not sure if it's related but i'm stumped any ideas?
thanks for your response m8 i think i'm gonna reinstall xp.pc is acting odd,i'm not even showing online at the moment cheers anyway.
the embarassing thing is i'm studying for my msca at the moment lol and i should be able to sort this and yet this niggle has me stumped lol [never come across it before though]nevermind lol. yer live and learn.[gonna use another pc for now if anyone
:wave: has any ideas please post thanks]
I'm not sure if this is a security issue. Before you take any drastic measurements, please visit our XP forum and see if it can be resolved there.

But if you think it's caused by malware, please read this sticky:
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