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Second User Folder in Documents and Settings

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Hi, my name's David

I turned on my computer today and found all my settings, my desktop icons, my favourites, my playlists in Media Player etc. were all missing. All my programs thought I was using them for the first time, it was as if I was a new user.

When I searched for a document I'd saved to the desktop I found it in Documents and Settings/David. In fact, all my documents and pictures were there.

However, in Documents and Settings there now appears to be a second user folder called David.DAVID-6BA0C6985 that doesn't contain any of my documents or settings, and I appear to be accessing that account instead of my normal user account.

So my computer has created a second rogue account that I am logged in as. I tried to Change User but the only option was 'David' and that took me back to the David.DAVID-6BA0C6985 desktop.

I am the only person who uses my computer. I tried changing the name of the user account from 'David' to 'Steve' in Control Panel/User Accounts. This had the affect of changing the name of Documents and Settings/David/My Documents to Documents and Settings/David/Steve's Documents. However, when I tried to change users the only option was called 'Steve' and it took me back to the David.DAVID-6BA0C6985 desktop.

This means that any changes I make to my user settings the computer applies to 'David' and Windows thinks I am 'David' but I can only log in as 'David.DAVID-6BA0C6985'. This is causing a number of problems for my programs such as Live Messenger, which won't let me sign in. Please help me! I would be happy to supply any futher details.
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try creating a new user account and see if you can access that ok, and create a new document (anything will do). If you are ok accessing that, then migrate all your docs over to the new account. Hope the following will give you some idea: How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile in Windows XP

Can you post back and let me know if you are able to create and access a new user account.
Your original profile got corrupted. Windows in an attempt to recover created a new profile naming it David.DAVID. You can copy the My Documents, Favorites, and Desktop folder from your old profile and paste them into the new profile. You can also create a new profile and name it what you want and copy those files over if you prefer.
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