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Searching Folders WIN7 Question

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Is there a way to search folders based on the columns in WIN7?. I want to search my music folder to find all files that are 128 bit rate, or any files that are 320 bit rate and less.

Also to go along with this question where is there somewhere I can set my columns options up. For example right now I go into each folder and right click and select bit rate. I want every folder to show bit rate by default.

All ideas are welcome.
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You will have to do it manually for each folder/sub-folder containing files for which a bit-rate column is appropriate. Right-click any column heading, tick "Bit Rate".
I was hoping I did not have to do this much work. I was afraid of this answer.
Right click your folder, click Properties
Click the Customize tab
Select the type of folder this will be, Music or Videos I'd guess.
Click OK.
Add the Bit Rate column
Go to Organize | Folder and Search Options | View tab
Click Apply to Folders
This will apply the current settings to all folders of the same type; it won't add the column settings to other types of folders, like Pictures, Documents, or General.

You can select multiple folders, right click, Properties, Customize, and set them to the same type all at once.

Probably be easier to remove the column from the few you don't want it in than to add it to all the ones you do.

As for searching, you only have 4 choices:
0-32 kbps
32-64 kbps
64-128 kbps
128+ kbps

Type Bitrate: in the search box, and you will be given the list of options
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