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SD Card Problem

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Hi everyone,

First post here, but I have the same problem as found in one of your threads posted some time ago.

I've been out traveling for three months, but now, when I try to transfer my photos to my laptop they does not seem to exist, atleast not the folders. The folders, which used to contain the pictures, have become shortcuts, and a lot of new folders and files have been added, all of a size somewhere around 3-400 kb.
My antivirus found several viruses on the flashdrive, but all have been moved and deleted (first one was autorun.inf), so now I'm just struggling getting my pictures back.

I can watch all my pictures on the camera, so they are in there somewhere.

My question is, if I am able to use the solution described in the other thread, as I have W7 and the before mentioned have WVista? If yes, could you provide a new link to the .zip file containing admin rights?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

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Hi -

Here is the REG file for adding "Take Ownership" - Take Ownership - - MVP

Download and allow Registry merge to take place.

Regards. . .


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