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Hi all,

The Questions:
- Is it possible to attach to the AIC7899(scsi u160) some u320 scsi disks??
- Is it possible to mix u320 and u160 disks in the same cable in this u160 board?
- Is there a compatibility disk list on the adaptec AIC7899 adapter?

- - -
In my specific case I have:

- 2 adaptec AIC-7899 adapters (68pin**) on a Dell PowerEdge 1400sc running Linux.
- a Quantum Atlas 10K III, 18GB (Ultra160/LVD/SE)

As long as I know the adaptec AIC-7899 is an Ultra160 scsi board. But I have 2 Ultra320 scsi disks I'd like to atach to it:

- 2 Hds Seagate Cheetah 10k.7 (Ultra320 scsi; 80pin**; 36.8GB)

** The board is 68pin and the new disks are 80pins. My guess is I need 68pins disks or an adapter cable.

Thanks in advance,
Jadson Igor Siqueira
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